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Weekly Notes from Enterprise Rockers

Business as usual (almost) during the long school holidays   Mary Cummings

In the weeks and days leading up to them, children across the nation can barely contain their excitement in anticipation of six whole weeks of no school.  

Microbiz parents might well wring their hands in angst.  Six whole weeks when the kids are at home!

We love our little cherubs, of course, and summer is an important time for all of us to slow down (a little) to have a well-deserved rest.  But few of us can realistically afford to shut shop for weeks on end – even if we’d like to.

Many with bricks and mortar businesses get through the holidays by asking friends and family to rally round and help.

Online microbiz owners cope by putting the biz on auto-pilot with scheduled social media messages, and eCommerce biz owners book specific days when friends and family can help out with managing online orders.

As always, the key is to plan ahead. 

If you can put strategies in place which allow you to walk away from it all for a few days, safe in the knowledge that everything is ticking over till you get back, you’ll return feeling far more refreshed and raring to go.

Have a rocking summer holiday!

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