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Weekly Notes from Enterprise Rockers

When opportunity comes knocking   Lorraine Allman

When I recorded my top tip for the ‘What Makes Enterprise Rock’ video, I couldn’t have imagined just how relevant that advice would be for me recently. I talked about the need to be responsive to opportunities and feedback that come along to help improve your business. If you’re lacking in particular skills to take the opportunity forward, look around your networks to find someone with those skills who shares your vision and values, and consider collaborating to take that opportunity forward.

An opportunity came knocking for me recently. Investment combined with practical support was just too good to turn down, so it is with some sadness that I now say goodbye to being ‘Producer’ for Enterprise Rockers as I walk through the door to take my Enterprising Child work further.

The next time opportunity comes knocking at your door, think about my top tip (the video is worth watching in full as it's full of top tips from other micro business owners too!). And remember, if opportunity doesn’t knock for you - go build a door (thanks Milton Berle).

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