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Tony Robinson OBE makes a request for Micro Biz Matters Day support

Make NicroBiz Day matter



It's nearly 3 years since we launched Enterprise Rockers and in that time Tony and I have come to realise that micro business owners really only have 2 key concerns:

 Customers and Cashflow

Yes there are many things that affect day-to-day business but these are the two things that are discussed with us all the time.

So we got our 'Thinking Hats' on - that's us on Scarborough Beach in our hats - and came up with an idea that focuses around 3 'C' s - customers, cashflow and chat.

That idea is MICRO BIZ MATTERS DAY. It will take place on Friday 9th January 2015, the 3rd Anniversary of the launch of Enterprise Rockers and will focus on you making pledges that will help make life in micro business better. To find out more click the link below - Mr Robinson, and me from time to time, will be keeping you up to date on a daily basis with progress and offers of support.


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